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Contact Lens and IOL Tools

K&Y Diamond provides contact lens and IOL manufacturers with the most accurate and consistent tools, specifically tailored for your specific requirements.  Our nano-scale capabilities in both manufacturing and metrology give us the capability to provide the exact tool you need at a competitive price.

  • We custom build both roughing and finishing tools.
    Drawings are provided with every quote to assure that you receive what you order

  • We produce tools with the characteristics required for your target application:
    Top rake angles, radius, front clearance angles (conical or cylindrical), and waviness  solid shank or insert system…tailored for your requirement.

  • Together, we choose the most suitable diamond for your application.
    K&Y Diamond offers an extensive range of natural and synthetic (HPHT and CVD) single-crystal diamonds designed to achieve optimal performances.

  • Our tools are inspected at 800x under a differential interference contrast microscope (DIC) before they are sent to you.
    Each level of inspection aims at detecting and eliminating any possible defects or irregularities in order to ensure a perfect finished surface when you receive tool.

  • We can provide exceptional waviness from 0.5 microns down to 0.020 microns.
    Unrivaled performance on the diamond tooling market!

  • Haptic milling and drilling tools are also available in whatever cutting diameter and cutting length that you need


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.