Jewelry / Watch Making

The art of jewelry and watch making requires high-precision technology.  K&Y Diamond provides jewelry manufacturers and watch makers with advanced tools, most of which are custom designed.  A drawing is provided for approval before manufacturing.

  • All of our diamond tools are polished and inspected at 800x magnification.
  • Before reaching your workplace, each tool is thoroughly tested to ensure its optimal performance and its sharp cutting capacity.
  • Your diamond tool can be delivered with a sample cut for an additional fee if requested.

Our cutting tools
K&Y Diamond tools are perfectly adapted for jewelry and precious metals machining. We produce standard tools like Posalux tools, and also made-to-measure tools which are designed by our CAD designers to fit your specific application requirements. During our manufacturing process, each tool undergoes stringent quality control to ensure performance, reliability and durability.

  • Diamond lathe tools
  • Diamond watch case tools
  • Diamond tools for chains
  • Flywheels
  • Faceting tools
  • High precision form tools (for watch industry)

K&Y Diamond’s tools are made for the hand-craftsman, designer and producer of custom jewelry pieces and watches. Featuring various options such as insert system or solid shank, Natural or HPHT synthetic or single crystal CVD synthetic diamond, our tools produce an infinite range of special effects and can be manufactured to ultra-precise tolerances and in the exact size and shape required. More info in our Precision Tools brochure

K&Y Diamond also produces special and standard diamond tooling used in the manufacturing of watch cases from 3mm to 19mm wide.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.