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Spectacle Lens Tools

K&Y supplies full range of diamond and PCD tools that are used in the production of spectacle lenses.  We utilize the most recent technology available to produce our diamond tools and measure them. This gives our customers confidence that when they put a tool in the machine to produce lenses, the product that comes out is exactly what they expect.  K&Y takes the guesswork out.

We provide single crystal and polycrystalline tools that are use on all major machine manufacturers’ equipment including Schneider, Satisloh, Optotech, Coburn and MEI.
We also repair tools for these machines, both our tools as well as competitor’s tools with a quick turnaround time.

We provide natural, HPHT synthetic and CVD synthetic diamond, and work with customers to determine the best option for each specific application.

If your application requires low waviness, we are worldwide leaders in waviness capabilities.  We can ensure exceptional waviness from <0.5 microns down to 0.020 microns when required. We are really redefining what constitutes a quality diamond cutting edge.

Tools are inspected at 800x under a differential interference contrast microscope (DIC) before they are sent to you, so you are guaranteed to have a tool that will perform as expected.