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PCD & PCBN Tooling

K&Y utilizes the latest equipment for producing PCD and PCBN tools including fully automated 5-axis Agathon 400 Penta and EWAG Laser Line Ultra machines.    The latest metrology equipment is also used to assure that the tools meet specifications and have the

PCD tool: Polycrystalline diamond

PCD is used for different types of applications such as turning, milling, grooving, chamfering and special form tools. PCD is a very durable choice for machining materials including non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, gold and silver, and wear resistant non-metallics like wood, ceramics, graphite, nylon, carbon fiber and plastics.

These tools also produce a better finish and can be run much faster than carbide tools to increase throughput.

PCBN tool: Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride

PCBN is able to be used on very hard ferrous materials where PCD cannot be used.  PCBN is ideal for cutting hard material (HRC32 to 60) such as quenched steel, pearlitic grey cast iron, chilled or hardened cast iron and high-temperature alloys.